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Earth Spinning

This site is fully dedicated to Indian Vedic Astrology. As you know that the astrology is a science based on the planets and we can read all the things about a person. not only things all the events too either they are good or bad. Here you will enjoy the perfection of Indian Vedic astrology. You can read the weekly prediction according to your signs and you can get the predictions about all your self with effective remedies too.

To create this e-zine, I just sat down and thought to myself: what do I like to read? The content comes from a variety of sources: some I've written myself, some has been written by friends, and some has been contributed by other Internet users just like you.

I hope you enjoy this e-zine. Be sure to send e-mail to let me know what you think (or to contribute articles or ideas). I'll be updating frequently, so check back often!


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Table of Contents
January 2000

In this area, I might include links to specific pages of my e-zine, perhaps with a short summary of the content in order to draw readers in.